Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime?

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Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime?
Ahmed Salman
Argosy University
July, 10, 2015

Introduction Capital punishment or death penalty is punishing by death. Crimes that can attract capital punishment are called capital crimes or offenses. In most countries, capital crimes include murder, robbery with violence, and treason (Doyle 2007). At the moment, there are thirty six countries in the world that practice the death penalty. More than 100 countries have abolished the dead penalty while 6 have prohibited the punishment for normal crimes but still practice it for offenses like war crimes. It is important to establish evidence for the death penalty as a form of deterrent punishment because policies must always be supported by evidence (Doyle 2007).
Purpose of Study
The Purpose of this research is to survey and determine the evidence of capital punishment as a deterrent. The research will emphasize on all the aspects of the death penalty as administered recently and in the past. The study will also provide evidence for or against death penalty as a deterrent.
Overarching Research Question
The research will solely focus on the deterrence factor of capital punishment and not an assessment of whether the death penalty is just or not. Raymond T. Bye details the root of the deterrence factor in capital punishment. Bye says life is the most sacred thing to an individual, and if one is threatened with death, he or she cannot ignore. Not everybody is willing to…
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