Does Capitalism Maximize Human Well Being?

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1. Is libertarianism, also known as pure capitalism, just? Evaluate the arguments provided by Hospers. Does capitalism maximize human well-being? Hospers in his paper ‘What Libertarianism is’ presses that libertarianism is the superior political philosophy because it favors the free market over a large government. The idea is that the only responsibility of the government is to make sure that individuals do not physically harm each other, or their property, otherwise it is up to the market where people can “vote” with their dollars. To this effect, we are the most free, while in the systems we currently have make us slaves by making us contributing property of wages to federal programs we may not care to contribute to. I will refute two…show more content…
So, if came to something like protesting sweatshops it becomes impossible for the low-income individual to avoid purchasing from because the products produced are so much cheaper and in protesting this practice may have to sacrifice payments for transportation, housing, or even eating. When it comes to these base necessities it seems that this individual certainly lacks freedom. If we accept that all people and their interests as equal than one needs to level the medium of the voting to insure just and equal representation. The concept of voting with one’s dollars also necessitates that there is a product to vote on. With products created for underrepresented groups this is often not the case. For example, a movie company may be put out a film based on a major Japanese picture, but not use Asian actors. Movie-goers could boycott the film for being “white-washed”, but the low in profits could also be read as a lack of demand for films based on foreign films. Or a film could portray an instance in LGBTQ+ history, but misrepresent the story in which case the lack of ticket sales could be believed to come from a lack of interest in that history. While, a libertarian may respond by saying this buying power would not happen in a vaccum and that public would make their reasoning known, the issue is that a lack of representation in film is a trend. When films that lack representation
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