Does Consciousness Exist Outside The Brain?

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So does consciousness exist outside the brain? Consciousness is defined as the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Basically being aware enough to understand everything going on around you. Some would argue that consciousness is restricted to the brain and body only. If that were true then the brain would be able to operate outside the body but in reality cannot. Consciousness however, is utilized beyond the brain without any accusations of superstition as hundreds of experiments and millions of testimonials confirm it to be true. One out of many examples include psi researchers Charles Honorton and Diane Ferrari examining 309 precognition experiments carried out by sixty-two investigators involving 50,000 participants in more than two million trials. These studies were significant in showing that people can describe future events, something that can’t be done if our consciousness was so internalized. The odds that these results were not due to chance or random luck, but by actual skill or fact was greater than 10 to the twentieth power to one. Very high odds with a very high sample size representative of the general population for just one out of many experiments and tests. Consciousness is not something contained in our brain or minds but rather it’s an infinite, immediate and omnipresent phenomenon. It’s infinite because it is not confined to specific points in time or places like the brain. It’s immediate…

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