Does Consumption Create New Social Divisions?

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Outline the claim that consumption creates new social divisions. Modern society has changed in many ways over the years. This essay will focus on new and old social divisions to establish how society has transformed, outlining how consumption creates new social divisions. Hetherington (2009, p13) defines consuming as: “The acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services. This subject is important in terms of indicating how society is changing in fundamental ways. Evidence for this Essay is taken from the works of commentators, core text and from independent research. Given the constraints of the assignment this paper shall consider three principal areas, which consist of; fiscal, class and business influence. These Three areas…show more content…
New social divides originate from the look that people want to articulate, an image that is projected from the vogue, images which may coincide with a certain way of life. It was revealed in a recent academic journal that listening to certain genre of music can influence the way we consume (Na 2013). Therefore the performers of these genres and other forms of media have some bearing on the way we look and act. Making us feel like we could be that one step closer to the standard of living we desire and giving us a sense of belonging. Media has not only promoted the lifestyles of celebrities and inspired what we buy, but just as importantly where we buy. We now hear of communities becoming a “Tesco town” and of shopping centres becoming the main attraction of these places. This has provoked some discussion between populaces. (Allen, 2009) gives us an example of this with two local neighbourhoods not far from one another that have proposals for a Tesco superstore, although these developments are very similar, the reactions from both of them are varied. Looking closer into the history of these two neighbourhoods can give us an insight as to why they have such diverse views. Partick is where the plans are very much against a Tesco being built (and is the closest of the two, to Glasgow city centre) is bustling will small independent retailers. Stop Tesco Owning Partick (STOP), which is a campaign set up by local residents of Partick, argue that the proposal will ruin the
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