Does Corn Make Or Make Corn Essay

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Boil corn on the cob and you'll notice the corn tastes like water and the water like corn. If you think about it, you can make a flavorful vegetable broth by simmering onions, carrots, and celery in water. So, are you trying to cook your corn or make corn broth?

Boiling is a moist conductive cooking process. This means that your corn is in direct contact with the heat, in this case it's boiling water. The flavorless liquid takes on the characteristics of the item you're cooking. Also, the cooked item absorbs bland water, affecting the taste of your fresh ingredients.

Most delicate vegetables are better cooked in an indirect fashion. This means that the source of the heat doesn't directly touch the food being cooked. This is the best way to retain color, texture, flavor, and
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This way, flavors and nutrition don't leach into the cooking liquid, making corn soup and watery corn.

Now, you've kept the integrity of seasonal fresh corn in tact. But what if you have more fresh corn than you can possibly eat before it goes bad?

Freezing corn on the cob enables you to store the flavor of summer for later use. Summer is fantastic for fresh ingredients, but eating seasonally presents a small problem. Many fresh fruits and vegetables have a very short season, yielding great amounts of ingredients, but too much to eat at once.

Fresh corn tastes best directly from the field, but when you've got more corn than your family can eat in a week, summer must be preserved.

All things that grow in dirt must be 'sanitized' before freezing, canning or storing. Bacteria in the soil can cause illness when allowed to grow over long periods of time. Freezing doesn't kill many types of bacteria, but high temperatures do. So, before sending our corn to the deep freeze, it'll have to be shocked
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