Does Crooks Deserve Sympathy In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck has a lot of levels of pity and sympathy. Although one of the characters named Crooks comes to mind when I think about what character deserves the reader’s pity and is the most sympathetic character in Of Mice and Men because of how horribly he is treated by the people on the ranch. You can tell how bad Crooks is treated by seeing the quotes and the context clues, he gets treated like this because he’s a different race from the others. I strongly believe that Crooks is the one who deserves the reader’s pity and sympathy. So, Crooks deserves the sympathy from the reasons because he is treated like he is a nobody and that is why Crooks deserves their pity and sympathy. Of Mice and Men is about these two men,
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