Does Daycare Breed Bullies Essay

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Child care has been a priority choice of many parents recent years. Mothers would rather go out for work and sent their child to daycare center than stay at home look after their child base on financial problems, psychological stress or any other reason. Early Child Care study is an important study to understand a child growing process. Many countries spend much effort in the study to ensure their future generation grow up in healthy and happiness. Early Child Care study can be started with children's habit, emotional, intellectual, language development and also the family environment.

The Early Child Care study conducted by NICHD show the link between daycare and bullies. It really scared those parents who have no choice to send their
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If this kind of unbalanced thought did not discover or had been negleted by others, child might suffer from phychological problem.

Moreover, family environment will also influence children behaviour stealthly. Parents play an important role in children's growth process. Parents are model of children. Parents with good manner and habits may influence the children. Children may follow what their parents behave and develop it. For example, parents use to wash hand before eat, children will follow what they do. In contrast, parents used to talk in a impolite way, their children will also follow their impolite way to talk.

If I were the one who designed a follow-up study about the Early Child Care study, I would like to find out how the amount of time children spend watching television programme and video games affected a child aggressive behaviour. I think it is important to find out how the television programme and video affect the children behaviour and also what kind of television programme and video games would affect the children.

Moreover, I think it is needed to find out the unusual relationship between the time children spend in daycare and aggressiveness. Research has found that children who averaged over 45 hours per week in daycare during the first 54 months scored about 3 points higher than the mean on a measure of behavioral problems. That means children who attend daycare are more likely to have
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