Does Education Or Genetic Inheritance Play An Role Of An Entrepreneur?

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Does education or genetic inheritance play an important role in the becoming of an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are individuals who take the initiative to invest in a business idea that they consider an opportunity, therefore willing to accept eventual risks and devote a lot of time and effort into their ideas. Because these people are often under a lot of work pressure and frequently need to calculate and innovate their ideas, many people consider Entrepreneurs to be creative and hard workers. However, being an entrepreneur is not something that everybody is willing to do, as it mostly requires huge sacrifices and a minimum of business intelligence to begin with. For this reason a lot of people may argue that they are not born business leaders and will therefore never become an entrepreneur. On the other hand some people say that they have never had the proper education and therefore do not maintain the knowledge or nurture to start a business. When asked to people it is clearly very opinion based whether becoming an entrepreneur is all about nurture or nature or maybe both. Therefore this essay will debate both the education and genetic inheritance of entrepreneurship and conclude which one affected entrepreneurs the most to become one. Although many agree that education could play a role in the success of an entrepreneur, a lot of people would guess that the vast majority of entrepreneurs have a college or university degree. However, according to (2013)
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