Does Effective Drama Need Narrative?

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Does effective drama need narrative?

The adjective ‘effective’ means to produce a deep or vivid impression, but also something adequate enough to determine a purpose within intended or expected outcome. So what makes effective drama, is it something with a clear meaning and storyline, or could it be something with a beginning middle and end. Effective drama does not have any set of rules, however it is something that the audience can either understand or relate to. Which is something Caryl Churchill does within her play Love and Information. She creates effective drama although it is not directly because of narrative, for it is argued that she does not have any clear narrative within this play. However there are specific things included in Love and Information as well as external research that disagree with this remark. Narrative is most commonly knowns as ‘story’ or ‘plot’, and has been considered to of existed since the stone age, in regards to ‘cave paintings…expected narratives to be woven around their images’. The question is stated does effective drama ‘need’ narrative, it is important to view this as, does narrative cause the drama or play to become better or does it simply assist the context and themes. Although it does not necessarily need narrative there is almost always some aspect of narrative included, which is true for Churchill’s play. Meanwhile this essay will explore all of the key attributes that make up a narrative, and how these narratives or lack of
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