Does Effective Pain Management Improve the Overall Quality of Life

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Literature Review: Does Effective Pain Management Improve the Overall Quality of Life? What is pain? Generally, it is an unpleasant sensory feeling that is triggered by the body's nervous system in response to an adverse affect and is often categorized as acute or chronic. Because of the many different aspects of pain, it varies from each individual. Experiences that may cause pain in one individual may or may not cause pain at the same level which makes this a highly subjective symptom. Previously, medical professionals relied solely on their patients report of pain. However, as time and medicine have evolved, pain has been incorporated into general patient assessments and has further been referred to as the fifth vital sign,…show more content…
Many break through devices have surfaced the market in hopes of being the "miracle" treatment for chronic pain sufferers. One type of electrical device, a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, better known as the TENS unit, surfaced in the 16th century and was used primarily to treat headaches as well as other pains (Wikipedia). It has become a popular device that is frequently prescribed by orthopedic physicians and neurosurgeons to treat both acute and chronic pain. More recently, healthcare professionals have introduced a similar device, the Calmare pain therapy treatment. This electronic device sends signals through electrodes placed on the body that stimulate nerves in pain area. Through use of the device, the body's pain signals are masked, reducing or eliminating the pain syndrome. Though still under investigation and being trialed in limited areas of the country, there are reports of complete pain relief. Examples of patient reports include: A lifelong skier who suffered a back injury as well as a crushing knee injury and had underwent six failed surgeries with unresolved pain relief reported that after receiving the Calmare treatment, she was pain free and felt that the treatments were a "miracle". A mother who suffered severe reflex sympathy dystrophy, a debilitating disease of the nervous system that causes chronic pain, is progressive and cannot be cured, reported pain relief up to two weeks at a time before requiring a
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