Does Electronic Communication Affect Our Lives?

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Phones have taken over In people’s everyday lives, they’re using their phone whether it be for social media, business, or even contacting someone. Electronic communication has a negative effect on our ability to interact with each other because attention spans tend to shorten, they don’t pay attention, and it makes people socially awkward. When having a conversation with someone while they’re on their phone could be a bit distracting. For instance, you’re talking to a friend and your phone receives a notification. Instead of ignoring it, you check it during the discussion, while the person is still talking to you, you completely zone out and forget the topic. The same events happen to a lot of teenagers during school in classrooms. From a personal experience, I go to a school that is all about technology because we believe in making a more modern education which makes it acceptable in classes. Students are allowed to have their phones out as well as their laptops for homework and classwork. However it is a huge distraction, a lot of teenagers are getting sucked into the social media world at a young age. I suppose it gives a sense of acceptance in the materialistic world. They’re in class listening to the teacher and all of a sudden their phone screen lightens up, something triggers in their mind telling them to check it. Suddenly, they forget all about the lesson that’s being taught to them. People on their phones don’t really seem to pay attention to a lot of things.
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