Does Employee Motivation Drive An Organization For Success Or Failure?

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Does employee motivation drive an organization to success or failure? The answer is both, or perhaps more correctly, either, as high levels of employee motivation tend to correlate with success while low levels of motivation tend to correlate with failure. To fully understand this correlation, one needs to understand how motivation plays into a public/nonprofit organization. Motivation is a factor that can push a person to achieve great potential. Employees, whether individually or collectively, that have strong motivational factors will want to push themselves further and will have an enhanced desire for greater achievement. The behaviors evidenced by such strongly motivated employees include a greater work ethic, a higher degree of personal commitment to their employer’s success and a enhanced willingness to “go the extra mile,” which, in turn, benefits the organization at which they are employed. Conversely, employees with low levels of motivation are less engaged, less driven and less interested in achievement. The work performance of such employees reflects such disengagement and often causes, for the individual employee, for the entire work force, and ultimately for the employing organization, frustration, aggravation and, finally, failure at work. This paper is going examine the idea of motivation in an organization primarily focusing on the issue of low employee motivation in an organization. The cause of low employee motivation will be analyzed from a…
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