Does Employee Motivation Drive An Organization For Success Or Failure?

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Does employee motivation drive an organization to success or failure? The answer is both, or perhaps more correctly, either, as high levels of employee motivation tend to correlate with success while low levels of motivation tend to correlate with failure. To fully understand this correlation, one needs to understand how motivation plays into a public/nonprofit organization. Motivation is a factor that can push a person to achieve great potential. Employees, whether individually or collectively, that have strong motivational factors will want to push themselves further and will have an enhanced desire for greater achievement. The behaviors evidenced by such strongly motivated employees include a greater work ethic, a higher degree of…show more content…
Multi-frame thinking is a tool that a manager can enlist to (i) to correctly understand the root causes of low motivation and (ii) to begin finding solutions to the causes of low levels of motivation among employees. . Multi-frame thinking is the ability of a manager to look at a problem and have the ability to shift perspective or view the problem from a different frame. Each frame in multi-frame thinking a mental model that consists of ideas that help managers to understand and assemble information to form different patterns (Defoe, 2013). The benefit of using multi-frame thinking is that it allows the manager of an organization to view a problem in multiple ways rather than using just one method. Sometime in an organization the same method of solving problems may not work in all situations. Different models of multi-frame thinking consist of four models: (i) structural frame; (ii) human resource frame; (iii) political frame; and (iv) symbolic frame. These different frames look at a problem from a different viewpoint. The human resource frame tries to understand people and their relationships with those who are managing them. The frame focuses on people’s basic needs and tries to understand what motivates people to perform or act in a certain way. When in working in an organization the concept is that the organization exists to serve the human needs rather than humans serving the organization
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