Does Facebook Have Generally Positive Psychological Effects? Essay

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Does Facebook Have Generally Positive Psychological Effects? Does Facebook Have Generally Positive Psychological Effects? Valerie Helfman PS101 Introduction to Psychology Does Facebook have a generally positive psychological effect? Yes, Studies have shown that humans are social creatures and we like to make new connections and to communicate our opinions and to listen to others, and through regular Facebook status updates that pop up in our friends news feeds or vice a versa we are able to do this. Facebook use has become a part of millions of people’s daily routine, whether it is to update a status, reply to a message or even to read the News. Facebook has provided…show more content…
Things such as, branding, customer engagement, publicity, feedback mechanism, and reputation management are example of Facebook helping businesses. Finally, Facebook has created a new revolutionary form of communication. Facebook has provided users the ability to communicate with family members and friends all over the world. Individuals who are unable to leave the house due to a disability or environmental factors find Facebook a way to deal with this isolation. My point of view is, yes I do believe that Facebook does have a positive psychological effect, of bringing more interactions into our lives with friends and family and to make new connections. We can be a part of people’s lives, through status updates or messages on a day to day basis. And be a part of a group for charity, or business purposes that you would not normally get, but because you have access to billions of people worldwide and not just in your community. In August of 2012, I created a Facebook page for my nephew who had Brain Cancer and the positive psychological effect it had on him was amazing he enjoyed sharing his experiences of his day to day routines, to his first day of school and receiving messages and photos from his family and new friends. When he passed away the friends on his page were there to help my sister and family, through the grieving process with positive words of encouragement which they still receive to this day. It helped

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