Does False Photography Exist

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What we call photography is limited by the fundamental thing it relies upon, light. What we call light is but one part of a much wider spectrum, electromagnetic radiation. As humans we are only able to see but a part of this spectrum. Some animals can see a wider spectrum of light, ultraviolet and infrared for example. This ability to see what we cannot, can be mimicked in photography through specialist films, such as infra-red and ultraviolet film. By limiting photography to just what we, as humans can see, are we not limiting the medium itself? This reliance on light comes from the origins of photography and how scientists strived to record and study the ‘real-world’.
“If the boundaries and nature of photography were unclear in 1839, so too were the boundaries of modern science. On 7 January, neither the
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QUOTE Photography has always and will always be an extension of our own vision, able to see things we cannot the camera has become a source of vision. Similar to how the diagram (FIGURE X) depicts an ox eye as the lens for a camera obscura, the image sensor, regardless of its technology, becomes the extension of our own vision. From mimicking human vision through technology, photography has developed the retina of a camera (from a scientific standpoint) allowing us to see into the before unknown aspects of our world; from medical exploration, to studying the fundamental properties of our universe. In science, photography as a concept, has expanded to become much more than what we might consider as photographic, relying on a much wider range of techniques to produce images. In science image making has gone far beyond what we as artists might consider to be photographic. QUOTE The technologies implemented in science pushes our imaginations to their limits and question some of our most fundamental understandings of our world.
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