Does Film Play An Important Role On The Way People Understand Religious Concepts?

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Religion often plays an important role in film, but does film play an important role in religion? Perhaps the better question is, “Does film play an important role in the way people understand religious concepts? And the answer to these questions is YES. Films or movies do play an important role in shaping the mind sets of people in a certain way. There are various traditions and beliefs that have been followed by Hindu Indians since ancient times. Also, many movies are made based on these customs and traditions which are mentioned below in the article. Also, religion is present. There are many religion-based movies made and these movies also receive a good response from the people. But, like a coin has two sides, similarly there are also negative effects of these. People also opposed to some parts of the movie made on it. But the main thing that they DO AFFECT the society.
All this is included in this article. And not only religion but also other areas like culture, rituals, customs, traditions, family, etc is shown through movies and all these are also as important as religion and which play a significant role in movies… History of Indian Cinema
The Indian film industry is the largest in the world in terms of ticket sales and number of films produced annually (877 feature films and 1177 short films were released in the year 2003 alone). India accounts for 73% of movie admissions in the Asia-Pacific region, and earnings are currently estimated at US$8.9…
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