Does Free Will Exist?

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Does free will exist? This question has been asked by many generations and is still trying to be proven to this day. I believe free will may never be proven to exist or not, but everyone has an opinion on the topic of the existence of free will. Founded on the probability that free will does or does not exist, determines whether a person is found right or wrong for their actions. To say that free will is causally determined, would be to say that no man is guilty for what they have done. In opposition, if I was to say that I did something according to my own free will which is meant to imply that I could have acted otherwise, would be to say that I would be held morally responsible for my actions. I believe that free will is only believed in by the type of person you are and how you were raised. If an action was made, and was not in any way able to be avoided, then free will would not exist. This means that everything is already predetermined and can not be changed or fixed in any way known to man. According to the agent, he would have acted differently if the causes of the actions were different. Although, not knowing the causes, he acted that way and was already bound to the act he committed. In this day and time it is now assumed that men are morally responsible for their actions and that they are acting freely according to their decisions. It is believed that free will is only governed by causal laws and the conflict between the two has caused many contradictions. If I
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