Does GRTL Help with ASD and Behavioral Issues?

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Yoga is one kind of exercise which relaxes our mood, body, and mind. It consists of different body movement like stretching, keeping, different posture, and as well as meditation. Within the article "Efficacy of the get ready....a pretest -posttest control group design “the authors are trying to portray the effects of yoga on children with autism. I chose this article because my son also has autism problem. He is in first grade, and he gets occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy in school. Furthermore, this article would be beneficial in helping me understand how to help my son. Moreover, I expect as a future certified occupational therapy assistant that I may do this kind of work.
The article states that in a control experimental study, children with behavioral problems showed a reduction in their behavior, class performance, and attention problems. Also, students who participate in this program, improve their rage problem. Yoga has beneficial effects on regular people as well..
There were many researches were done in previous time about this issue. 2Like Galantine, Galbavy, and Quinn 2008; Harrison, Manchaca, and Rubbia 2004; Kenny 2002; Klatt 2009; Peck, Kehle, Bray and Theodore, 2005. These researchers found that low achieving children with behavioral problems who joined in a yoga intervention showed significant reductions in behavioral problems. Some researchers also found that yoga may exhibit a protective or preventive role among

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