Does Gender Play A Role? Hiv / Aids?

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Does Gender Play a Role in HIV/AIDS?
When AIDS made its debut in the early 80s, societies branded it as a disease that infected homosexuals and/or IV drug abusers. People often confused HIV with AIDS. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that infects a person, and if left untreated leads to the fatal disease AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). However, over the last 35 years, we have learned that, in reality, AIDS does not discriminate against sexual orientation, drug addictions, race, age or any other factor; however, it victimizes one gender more often than the other. Researchers prove that, on a global scale, women are more susceptible to contracting HIV/AIDS than are men. Both statistically and logically, women experience higher incidences of HIV exposure than men for multiple reasons. Women engage in sex work more often than men, they also experience a higher rate of sexual violence, and simply by being the inferior partner in a domestically abusive relationship. Understanding how gender increases the HIV risk of women is crucial to winning the fight against HIV/AIDS. Women are the center of societies everywhere; therefore, it is urgent that nations stand together to educate and rid women, worldwide, of this infectious life-threatening disease. Sex workers, most of whom are female, are particularly vulnerable to being infected with the HIV virus (UNAIDS 5). Sex workers comprise a group of people who exchange sexual favors for money, such as
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