Does Gender Play a Role in Academic Success?

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Does Gender Play a Role in Determining Academic Success?

We all know the obvious difference in boys and girls. Typically, we associate boys with being rougher than girls and spending much of their time playing rambunctiously and getting dirty while most girls prefer to be subdued and tidy. But is that the only dissimilarity in gender? What about school work and academic performance along with academic success? Can gender be a predominating factor in determining a child’s IQ level? Is there a legitimate difference in boys and girls when determining academic ability? And, does gender help determine any level of academic success? Some might say that these are some pretty absurd questions but others who have taught both boys and girls in
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And while her book, along with the others examined and outlined in Bartlett’s article highlight contrasting ideas and theories among each other, they do exhibit similarity in their conclusions; 1.) Boys are different than girls and, 2.) Boys are in danger.
When it comes to identifying educational inequality among boys versus girls, the matter of contention seems to remain conclusive among this type of academic research however, there is an opposing side altogether. In Bartlett’s article, he draws attention to a rather opposing view conducted by the American Association of University Women. In 2008, the AAUW released a report, “Where the Girls Are: the Facts About Gender Equity in Education,” contending that academic disproportion between boys and girls has been exaggerated and closely defines much of this same research mythical. Furthermore, the report insist that, “The past few decades have seen remarkable gains for girls and boys in education, and no evidence indicates a crisis for boys in particular.” (American Association of University Women, 2008) The report continues on, declaring that the overall educational achievement rate has been on the rise; improving since the 1970’s. And, although this report does takes a stern approach in disproving many articles and research suggesting that the academic success of girls
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