Does Genetic Enhancements Affect Human Diversity?

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The concern that instances like these will come about if genetic enhancements are allowed in daily practice is not something to take lightly. If certain traits can be decided on beforehand, what is stopping us from trying to get rid of traits the one may consider undesirable, or even less preferable, and completely wiping out a certain trait of human diversity? Even in 2002 there was concern that even the smallest genetic improvement would put us on the slope to eugenics. These are legitimate concerns, but I believe that unless a large and powerful group of people force this elimination, there will not be instances of complete eradication of traits. Humans are fickle creatures who are unable to have one consistent opinion upon across the…show more content…
The issue of consent remains, but the painful process is eliminated. Along with the discrepancies among people there is the discrepancies through time. The ideals and standards have been continuously changing throughout the history of mankind all over the world. What might be considered the societal norm at one instance may be completely different in ten years. If parents design their baby to fit the current standard, for instance tall and thin with an aptitude for the arts, by the time that child grows up the standard may have changed, for example, short and curvy with good deductive reasoning skills. However, with changes like these, a large chunk of an age demographic is now out of luck and unable to perform to this new standard. This type of method is impractical. In order to make this work, trends would have to be mapped out in advanced. New adults would have to deal with the pressure of those coming up behind them and knowing how they may be better. Waiting for several years for a trend to mature is not a feasible method for “designing” children of the future. For individual cases, the idea seems to work a bit better. Individuals or smaller groups are making the decision based on their own preferences. This would have a better chance of keeping the diversity. This is still increasing desired traits in a population, but the specific “desired traits” would fall across a wider range. Setting aside the potential for a loss of diversity there

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