Does Global Warming Have An Effect Hurricane?

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Does Global warming have an effect Hurricane? Are Hurricanes being effective by global warming? Many studies have been conducted to look at the effects of global warming on hurricanes. Since Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma pounded the Gulf of Mexico in 2005 with gigantic force, there have been more studies into how global warming is affecting Hurricanes. However before we can answer the question does global warming effect hurricanes, we must find out what a hurricane is and how it works? Then we must also define global warming and then how global warming may affect hurricanes in the future. A Hurricane is by definition a tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 74 miles per hour or greater affecting North or Central American. (Hess) Most start off as tropical disturbances and hardly ever get up to the full hurricane status. Once the disturbance has reached wind speed of 63 mile per hour, it is reclassified into a tropical storm and is given a name by the World Meteorological Organization. Hurricane names come from 6 revolving lists of names that would repeat every six years. Before 1979, the hurricanes were just give female names, and then some sexist implications of the practice led to the current system of using both male and female names. Most hurricanes that hit the United States begin in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa, but there is some that start in the Caribbean’s. The hurricanes start off the coast of Africa, in the form of thunderstorms and they are affected by
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