Does Global Warming Mean The End Of World?

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Does Global Warming Mean the End of World? Here is a crazy fact for you, “since the late 1970s, the Arctic ocean has lost an average of 20,800 square miles of ice a year” (Ramsayer). That is roughly the size of West Virginia. Global warming is unprecedented situation that will never honestly stop existing. The Earth goes through natural cooling and warming trends. That is why we have in the past we have seen ice ages in Earth’s timeline. The real question is if us as humans are contributing to this global warming. As mentioned in National Geographic, “we have taken a great deal of carbon that used to be locked up in the Earth in the form of coal and undisturbed oil and natural gas and released it into the atmosphere. That carbon hadn’t…show more content…
This film stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyellnhaal, Ian Holm, Emmy Rossum and Sela Ward In this 20th Century Fox production, post-apocalypse film, it shows how global warming causes the polar ice caps to melt and makes the oceans level rise, which then disrupts the Gulf Stream. Once the Gulf Stream has had this disturbance of excessive amount of fresh water it leads to lethal hailstones in Japan, multiple building destroying tornadoes in Los Angeles, and extreme flooding in New York City. These storms eventually start to combine into larges storm masses that turn into overland hurricanes, which are on the path to create the next ice age for Earth. These hurricanes form eyes just like other tropical hurricanes that form over water; however there is an icy twist to these overland hurricanes eyes. In the eye of these hurricanes temperatures drop at the rate of 10 degrees per second, this causes people to be transformed into ice statues where they stand if they caught in the icy destructive path (Edelstein). In this post-apocalyptic film we follow the protagonist Dr. Jack Hall a paleoclimatologist researching abrupt climate change for NOAA. We follow Hall who is played by Dennis Quaid in his quest to reach his son in Manhattan. Throughout the movie he constantly battles with the storm and other government officials while trying to save not only his family but others that may be plagued by these extreme storms. In the end Hall reaches
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