Does Globlization More Harm Than Good?

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With the conception of globalization which is just appear and far-reaching all over the world like that, there has not even been the time to think over on the matter; is globalization good or bad for the world? It has been operating more on the terms of – it approach, and it dominated. To understand a concept such as that, the explanation of globalization is essential. Thus, the definition is in order.
Globalization is the name for the process of expanding the connectivity and interdependence of the world’s markets and businesses. It is also acknowledge as a technique of communication among the countries of the world in order to expand the worldwide economy. However, this process has speed up significantly in the last two decades as
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We can order new cosmetics from abroad as easily as you can get from around the corner. Due to communications technology workers no longer have to be close to their managers and workers may well come from around the world. What happens in the economy in one part of the world has an impact felt, literally around the world.

Today whatever people want can be bought with the help of the improvement of trading system. Begins with the Silk Road now the world has an extremely large way for exchanging and that is called organization. Globalization is a process by which the words are integrated into a single institute and play a role. It is claimed that globalization encourage productivity, cultural assortment and cash flow into the developing countries; however, there are some disadvantages of globalization that should not be overlooked: such as, unemployment, social degeneration and difficulty of competition.
The most important disadvantage of globalization is the increasing number of the loafer. After the industrial revolution, industry gravitated some particular countries. Because of that, these countries became a power in industry. However, production decreased and so unemployment was raised in the other countries. Another reason of the unemployment rise is that the need of less manpower. As stated at yahoo answers, many workers found themselves suddenly unemployed, as could no longer compete with machines which only required relatively limited

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