Does Gmos Have Detrimental Effect On World Health

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The world is a hungry place. It 's hungry for love, hungry for passion, hungry for money and hungry for work. But more than anything, it 's hungry for food. People are starving around the globe while the rest of us live a comfortable existence. Several companies have used their scientific expertise to genetically modify seeds to increase crop yields in an attempt to feed the masses and end world hunger. Can they do it? In the short run, yes they can, but it is important to ask "at what cost?” What are they not telling us? If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Although the genetically modified food industry has so far been instrumental in successfully feeding a hungry and growing world population, those same foods are polluting the environment, poisoning our food supply and killing us slowly.
The belief that GMOs have a detrimental effect on world health has made its inclusion in our food supply one of the most talked about topics today. This reaction comes from an alarming body of evidence connecting them with health issues, environmental damage and the violation of farmer and consumers’ rights. (Non GMO Project.) This issue has created a growing concern throughout the world, prompting over sixty countries to ban them or pass stringent laws to label their presence in consumer products, especially food (Non GMO Project.)
Due to the corruption of government agencies such as the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) and the United States
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