Does God Exist?

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Every culture has its God. Christianity and Islam have their own god; the Romans and Greeks had their Pantheon. A lot of people believe in god have thought that there is more to life the material world around us. It seems arises naturally the world over by believing in god. Does God exist? I believe in God is exists by the philosophical argument: ontological argument, the first cause argument, the argument form design, and the moral argument. Arguments relate to the existence of God are in different forms: some focus on history, some on personal experience, some on philosophy, and some on science. These arguments are the purported proof of the existence of God. If successfully, each argument supports a specific and certain conception of God.

Argument I: The design argument for the existence of God. The argument from design is the teleological argument that focuses on the fact that the universe is ordered. The complex world and order of nature must be designed by some mind. The mind is God. The key theme of design argument is that God must exist though the way things work, and God as an intelligent designer who makes the world be the way it is. God exists from the way things in nature are ordered and their apparent purpose. Everything appears to have a purpose by happened randomly. Therefore, God design and order the world by particular way. Anthropic Principle is one of the main elements for the design argument. This principle considers the universe is
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