Does God Exist Research Paper

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Whether God Exists
The question is that is it possible to prove the existence of God in a strictly scientific? Answer is incredibly straightforward that there is no individual in the world who could come back with a solid proof whether God exists or not. One of the primary difficulties is the lack of a general characterization of the existence or nonexistence of which is required to be proved. First of all, for the benefit of further narrative, I would like to give the most general definition of "God" as far as possible including all possible variations. Consider our world as a great computer stylish game or a social network. For such a system may well be the one who designed it, created, wrote and performs systemic organization (Everitt N.p.). If you doubt the presence of Facebook creator and administrator of this network, it will look at least strange.
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Reasonable behavior of ordinary molecules in living cells - transport, protein synthesis, DNA replication can say, for example, that these molecules have some external control mechanism, such as an image on the computer screen is controlled by software running on the computer, which is external to the to the monitor. Based only on the knowledge of the properties of the display the liquid crystals and so on it is impossible to explain, say, how to play the movie screen (Everitt N.p.). This is proof of the presence of the external interface. As part of the surveillance monitor only fundamentally impossible to study the properties of the computer itself. That is within the observation of living objects of limited material world, it is impossible to study the mechanisms of external control living
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