Does Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia?

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In the famous play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, there is much confrontation on whether Hamlet truly loved Ophelia. Throughout the play Hamlet seems to confuse both the audience and himself of the feelings he has for her. In the end, you can conclude Hamlets love for Ophelia is definitely genuine.
In Act 2, Scene 1 of the poem, Ophelia has a conversation regarding Hamlet with her father Polonius. She expresses to her father that she believes Hamlet has fallen madly in love with her. She came to this conclusion once Hamlet entered her room and stared into her eyes. Polonius then goes to say Hamlets love for her is simply lust. Although Ophelia can see past Hamlets actions and see the good in him, her father believes he is devious and
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He may not have given the poem to Ophelia quite yet because he has many things going in and he too may be confused on how to express his feelings.
Later in the text, Hamlet and Ophelia have a conversation in which they express their feelings to one another. During the conversation Hamlets say “I did love you”. This statement can automatically lead the reader to believe that hamlets affection towards her has completely died. This can be a bit confusing considering the poem he wrote for her in the previous Act. Although it may seem like a cold and heartless act, Hamlet had much reason in denying his love for her. He was aware that her father was listening in. In the same token he also goes to say “Get thee to nunn’ry, why Would’st thou be a breeder of Sinners?”
When referring to nunnery he is telling Ophelia to put herself away from relationships, so never again will she gain relations for an individual like himself. Another reason Hamlet may be retracted his love is because as heir to the throne, he may feel as if Ophelia isn’t prepared for the lifestyle they would
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