Does Having an Offshore Occupation Have a Detrimental Impact on the Dyanamic of the Family

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RESEARCH QUESTION The research question under review is; “How does having an offshore occupation impact the family dynamic?” The aim of the study is to investigate whether or not having an offshore occupation has a detrimental impact on the dynamic of the family, particularly in relation to the spouse and their children. BACKGROUND There appears to be a gap in the literature concerning the adaptions to families whilst the male role figure is away for weeks at a time, despite major’s changes that have occurred across the industry. However, Parkes et al (2005) looked at the perceptions, attitudes and concerns of spouses of offshore workers from a psychological perspective. The results presented that spouses have a number of concerns…show more content…
However, Gibson (2012) believed that children are competent to act as informants regarding their experiences. Yet, it is important to ensure there are no significant power differences between the adults and the children. Moreover, it is imperative for the children to understand why they have been asked to participate and aware that they are allowed to make their own decisions about participation, hence why an age restriction has been implemented. The participants will be collected using the purposive sampling method, in environments such as the work place or social events. The purposive sampling technique was selected as it is an effective method for collecting participants in qualitative studies. The technique is constructed to allow the researcher to deliberately select specific persons for their research (Teddie and Yu 2007). Data Analysis Focus groups have been renowned for its inherently complex data analysis. It requires an experienced researcher to identify the themes that have emerged throughout the discussions, to ensure no bias tailoring has been made to support theoretical assumptions. Therefore, the data collected from the focus group will be transcribed by the researcher using the audio recorder. The data will be analysed using ‘thematic analysis’ which involves identifying and coding the key themes that have emerged. Thematic analysis is a widely used

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