Does Hereditary Influence Iq Scores? Essay

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Does Hereditary Influence IQ Scores? Stephen Gould’s monograph, The Mismeasure of Man, examines and denounces the belief of biological determinism. In Chapter 5, titled “The Hereditarian Theory of IQ”, Gould addresses the idea that the average intelligence quotient (IQ) of an individual is strictly based on their hereditary. Gould condemns the belief of hereditarianism through reconstructing and finding inaccuracies in the experiments that leading scientists and researchers in the field, such as H. Goddard, L. Terman, and R. Yerkes, made while supporting the idea of biological determinism. Gould articulates how scientists, who allow their own personal prejudices and bias seep into their data, have inaccurately mismeasured man from the beginning of time. Scientists, who publish bias data in their work, even if not a supporter of hereditarianism and biological determinism, cause the general public to be misinformed about important social issues. Chapter 5 allows readers to understand why these inaccuracies happened and how the data from the experiments conducted impacted society as a whole. Alfred Binet, once a pioneer of craniometry, came to the conclusion that he allowed bias to influence the results of his experiments on human intelligence. In 1905, Binet created the Binet-Simon Scale, a scale that sought to discover the measurement of a human’s intelligence without bringing brain size into the equation. However, IQ testing did not become popular outside of Binet’s native

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