Does History Matter? Essay

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Millions of people have gone great lengths to record every part of the past. We may not know much about the future but we have more than enough information about the past. The knowledge about our past has helped us in many ways. Historians, teachers, doctors, students, lawyers and many more have relied on history books and researches on significant events in history to prove their point. The question why history matters has been asked many times. It has been asked by students, teachers and parents sometimes. Some people may see this question as ridiculously easy but I see it as one of the hardest ones yet asked. Does History matter? This question can’t be answered in one sentence. Try asking people why history is important and the answer …show more content…
Both economic depressions of 2010 and 1930s hold some similarities. They both were triggered by “massive debt bubbles”. Although we haven’t yet experienced same repercussions and economists are arguing ardently that both economic depressions don’t hold any similarities. We do have to occasionally remind ourselves that there is a huge possibility of history repeating itself again. A similar example of past repeating itself would side with two of the famous leaders of history Napoleon and Hitler. There are few leaders in history that could make huge impact on our world. Napoleon and Hitler combined have been responsible for holocaust, mass murders and many more actions. Despite of some huge differences, they both invaded Russia. Napoleon’s invasion of Russia is known as the patriotic war of 1812. Napoleon entered Russia with huge army but as the battle continued, the size of his army decreased. Napoleon’s downfall was due to the harsh winter. In 1941, Hitler decided to invade Russia. The war ended in defeat for the Nazi Germany with the fall of wall of Berlin. Their military tactics may be different but they both tried to do the inevitable and failed. The last example would be on the similarities between Vietnam and Iraq war. There are not many similarities between the two wars. Vietnam in the beginning was country with a strong national identity made by hatred against foreign rule while

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