Does Hockey Deserve Such A Plum Posting?

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In the article ‘Does Hockey deserve such a plum posting?’ by Janet Albrechtsen (The Australian, October 21, 2-15, pg. 12) it is argued that former treasurer Joe Hockey does not deserve the ambassador posting in Washington D.C. Albrechtsen utilises argument devices such as appeals to ethos, logos and pathos, language devices such rhetorical questioning, word choice, hyperboles and graphics, and structure to persuade the reader of her argument.
Appeals to pathos (emotion), ethos (authority), and reason (logos) are used by Albrechtsen as argument devices to influence the reader’s opinion. Albrechtsen uses appeal to logos through the suggestions of alternative candidates that could be appointed. This is highlighted through the descriptions of Hockey and contrasting it to the descriptions of other ambassadors as well as other potential candidates for the position. Albrechtsen also employs appeal to ethos as a way of persuading the reader, through the descriptions of the challenges facing the ambassador, as a way of provoking an emotional response in the reader, who will have some reaction particularly to the global events such as Iraq and Syria. Appeal to pathos is also used as an argument device, through the appeals to Kim Beazley, the (now former) ambassador in Washington, as well Tony Abbott and academic Sandra Penrose. By appealing to these particular authorities, Albrechtsen has made their opinions carry weight. In the case of Tony Abbott, Albrechtsen only uses him as a…
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