Does Hostile Driving Causing Safety Concerns?

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Does Hostile Driving Causing Safety Concerns? Hostile driving is the number one leading cause of deaths due to aggressive driving on our roadways today. In society today we find many hostile drivers with their eyes looking off the road, onto their phones and their foot laying on the gas pedal. In society today, it is hard not to feel like the drivers on both sides of the roads have become more territorial, more aggressive, more controlling and just plain awful when they get behind the wheel. This type of action is known as “road rage” a sign of a common anger issue. So now it brings us up to these questions: Is hostile driving a safety concern? What causes road rage? Is road rage a gender problem or is it both? Is aggressive driving bad for a person’s health? What can we do to reduce the problem of hostile driving? Road rage is becoming a major safety issue in which it is affecting the roads that we travel daily. By understanding these types of questions, it will not only save lives but reduce safety issues on our roadways.
Road rage is when an uncontrolled violent individual that becomes very angered in which provokes another driver. This all occurs due to driving in stressful and upsetting conditions on the road way. Hostile driving refers to an angry driver trying to deliberately injure or kill another driver as a result of a traffic dispute. Angered drivers react negatively and uses their vehicles to counterattack by creating sudden, threatening moves. Peter Fisher…
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