Does Ideology Matter in Politics Anymore? Essay

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Does ideology matter in politics anymore?

Political ideology has been an intrinsic part of world history for over two hundred years (Heywood 1998). The modern world was moulded by ideology resulting in political, economic and social upheavals. It has been argued in the 20th century that the importance of ideology in the political world has been declining and the question set requires an analysis of the arguments put forward by those who believe that ideology influence has come to an end.
This essay will challenge the view that ideology is no longer relevant in modern politics and argue that ideology is rife around the world. It will start with a definition of ideology followed with the theoretical basis required to support the claim
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In addition, Marxists argue that exploitation occurs even when the exploited consents since exploitation is independent of consent. Simply put: workers must allow their labour to be exploited or face starvation (Marx 1967). Since some degree of unemployment is typical in modern economies, Marxists argue that wages are naturally driven down in free market systems. Hence, even if a worker contests their wages, capitalists are able to find someone from the reserve army of labour who is more desperate (Engels 2010). Therefore it can be argued that a liberal society will never be regarded as equitable by most of its members and even if most members consent to the status quo.
The Occupy movement, seen and replicated around the world may be the symptoms of cracks in liberal ideology. The movement could be understood as citizens, many of whom may have previously been liberals, have been demoralised by liberalism after the worst global economic crisis since the Depression (Marshall 2011). Although Occupy is not overtly promoting any specific ideology, in fact “occupiers” seem to come from a range of the political spectrum, it is a sign that even in areas where liberalism is rife, it is now facing challenges and therefore ideological conflict and debate is unlikely to end with a global domination of
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