Does Independent Learning Encourage Motivation

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Does independent learning encourage motivation in learners?


My work will explore ways to motivate children by giving them enhanced ownership of their learning in a secondary school environment.

“Not all aspects of learning, for example pupils’ engagement, interest, concentration, determination, resilience and independence, will be seen in a single observation.” – April 2013

This is the one solitary mention of independent learning in the most recent Ofsted schedule. Though, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be inspiring students’ to independence in their learning.
Smith (2010) suggests that the old style three part lesson has moved towards four sections which now included independent learning time.

With the escalating access to material, expertise and capabilities, and the advanced level of immediate universal communication, it would be negligent not to provide students with the skills to develop their abilities to learn rather than to be shown.
My literature review will shown that there is a lot of literature that explores the pros and cons of independent learning; however there is little research into students motivation for the practice. This report aims to provide a review of literature that explores independent learning and identifies reliable, robust and relevant research to develop a detailed picture of the different aspects of independent learning and its possible impact on pupils.…
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