Does Islam Equate To Terrorism? Are Islamic Dominated Regions

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Does Islam equate to terrorism? Are Islamic dominated regions of the world inhabitable and unsafe? Do Muslims always act against government laws? These thought-provoking and rather exasperating questions are consciously and subconsciously asked by society. Though populated, the Islamic religion is somewhat foreign to most developed and western countries and has fewer people that identifies with the monotheistic group in these regions. This has therefore caused the need for western communities to better understand the doctrines of this religion. They have however been unsuccessful with this as there are a lot of hate crimes, discriminations, and prejudices that has amounted from trying to understand the religious group. Knowing that most of…show more content…
This prehistorical period is called jahiliyyah which means a time of ignorance. While their history is termed a time of ignorance, Islam is believed by historians to originate in Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century. Unlike other Abrahamic religions, Islam’s most important and historical source for their origin is the work of al-Tabari. Al-Tabari was a prominent Persian. The Tabaristan scholar was the main interpreter of the Qur’an who interprets and writes scholarly Arabic literatures in for societal consumption. At seven, Al-Tabari memorized the Qur’an and became a qualified prayer leader at eight. He began to study the prophetic traditions at nine and left home to study Muslim jurisprudence at around 850–851AD when he was twelve and from there, traveled round major Arabic regions of the world to interpret the Qur’an and spread the gospel of Allah. Although Al-Tabari was considered a wonderful historian and interpreter of his time, there were two major problems associated to the use of his work as a source for Muslims in the Islamic faith. One of the major reasons was that his writing enabled the free use of mythical, distorted, and stereotyped presentations of his context. Another reason was that his description of the beginning of Islam went contrary to most of the recorded events of Islam as a religion. Due to these major problems, four different methods to the approaches of Islam history evolved. These
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