Does Joseph Mccarthy It Takes Many Good Deeds To Build A Bad Reputation

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Benjamin Franklin said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” This statement means that the bad you have done is remembered over the good. No matter what good you do, a bad reputation will always be a part of your history. Once you have a bad reputation people remember it. It might be hard for you to get a job, and a parent might not want their daughter dating you. People also might not want to be friends with someone with a bad reputation. A bad reputation is easy to get, hard to get rid of, and remembered for a long time.

No matter what kind of job you are looking for no one wants to hire a troublemaker, so employers do not like to hire someone with a bad reputation. When Joseph McCarthy was as Senator he tried to get more political power by going around saying people were communists when they were not. He tried to crush the reputations of a lot of leaders by doing this. Eventually they found out he was falsely accusing people and then McCarthy became the one with the bad reputation. The website quotes this about Joseph McCarthy, “…..he was censured
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These examples are proof that a bad reputation is hard to overcome so it is important to protect your reputation by keeping it good. Think of how a parent would feel if they found out their daughter wanted to date someone with the reputation of getting drunk every Saturday night or getting into fights at school. Not only would a parent not want their daughter to date this person but they would not want them to be friends with them either. These same parents likely would not even hire the boy to mow their lawn because of his bad reputation. These are all examples of how a bad reputation affects your life and how hard it is to overcome a bad
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