Does Limited Duration Of Sleep Affect Academic Performance?

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does limited duration of sleep affect academic performance? Academic performance is utilized worldwide in order to determine an individual’s career success and in some instances intelligence. The United States utilizes academic performance as an indicator of character and potential; often individuals are defined by how well they perform in academic areas. The United States measures academic performance through grade point averages, exam results and standardized tests. The education system is based on academic performance; it is instilled from an early age that performing well in academics is critical in order to succeed. Most cultures take into account academic performance when admitting students into universities, since it is interpreted as a predetermination of the individual’s future success. Although several individual’s hold academic performance at such high importance, not all are aware of the multitude of factors which affect the level of performance. A factor which has often been attributed to affecting academic performance is sleep. The argument of sleep affecting academic performance has been around for decades. Affect Multiple studies conducted argue that sleep is not a clear cut factor which affects academic performance. BaHammam and colleagues 2006, aimed to investigate the relationship between sleep problems/habits and school performance in Saudi school children. A study was conducted in Riyadh city utilizing a total of 1012 female and male
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