Does Lower Self Esteem Force People?

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Does lower self esteem force people to choose the path of isolation or can a different path be chosen instead? The answers to these questions can be found while studying Erik’s case of isolation and inferiority, and analysing the complexities of his personality in depth. Erik, a meteorology student and introvert in nature, has let his low self confidence force him to choose the path of isolation. What really motivates him to do so is something that makes me quite curious. As we see, Erik considers himself as the social misfit. He believes that he can be something in life only for his research skills. But conflicting to this belief is his assumption that he cannot do anything in life due to his looks and ethnicity. This is why he is boycotted from the opportunity that he deserves – being the assistant of his department. Such experiences reduce his confidence and eventually make him harsh. When anyone tries to start a conversation with him, he simply says that he is not the one anyone will want to talk to. It shows that he does not think himself to be a part of the society he lives in; he believes that others are superior to him.
The factors that determine Erik’s behaviour can be described from two different theories. The first theory is Erikson’s psychosocial theory that emphasizes social aspects on the development of an individual’s personality. I chose this because of the first question that comes in my mind as soon as I read about Erik is - do social norms and rules have…
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