Does Mcdonald's Affect The United States?

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How does McDonalds affect the United States? Originally, McDonald’s was a walkup restaurant serving food at half the price of your average sit-down restaurant. Because of how cheap the food was and how fast it was served, it attracted many people, making it a local attraction. After, this restaurant was opened and became a local sensation, it was franchised and spread practically all over the world. Before it spread all over the United States, according to the CDC in the 1950’s 33% of all Americans were overweight, 9% being obese (while no serious obesity cases had been reported yet). Now forty years later, in 1990, 30% of all American citizens are obese and 56% of Americans are overweight. That is an insane jump of fatness in a very short period.…show more content…
Another factor to add in is that many people don’t just eat at McDonalds once a day, but multiple times a day and when their meals are supersized…unneeded calories just keep piling up and eventually those calories will turn into pounds, but now the supersize option isn’t called super-size its referred to as a large. Let’s take into consideration how many children eat at McDonald’s every day. One out of three American Children and teens eat fast food every day and considering the amount of McDonalds in the country, I’m sure you can guess how many are eating at McDonalds. Sure, maybe three people have eaten at McDonalds three times a day and lost weight, but it doesn’t matter where you eat, it matters what you eat. What’s your average children’s meal? Some deep-fried pieces of processed chicken or a grease soaked piece of beef? Some potatoes covered in chemicals that sit in a football field stadium for weeks before being cut up, partially deep fried, covered in chemicals that keeps them from becoming gray, covered in some more chemicals, frozen, unfrozen and then deep fried
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