Does Media Influence Violence in the Behavior of Children? Essay

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Critical Reading in Early Childhood Studies Does media influence violence in the behaviour of children? In this assignment, I will be writing about whether or not media such as television, comic books, music, video games, internet and movies influence violence in the way children behaves. Media influences violent behaviour in children because they learn what they see, also the heroes in cartoons or movies receive rewards for using violence to solve a situation therefore children might think or believe that this is the right way to solve problems related to their everyday life. Joseph T. Klapper indicates that the fear of crime and violence in today's media is common amongst parents, guardians and carer. Most researchers…show more content…
The internet is a very useful source of media because it provides useful and relevant information to individuals. Some of the children that use the internet quite frequently may soon begin to browse through or look at resources that are not appropriate for their age. Children might watch violence on television or on computers because their friends might be watching it as well and by doing this they would fit amongst their peers or might have something to discuss about. Children who watches programs, movies or games online that contains character fighting and weapons such as guns, knives and swords can soon begin to behave in an aggressive way, they also become a threat to themselves and the people around them. Parents can reduce the risk of aggression and violence by installing parental control software and this will enable them to block certain websites, there is also a history tab on the internet that allows parents to view the child's internet activities such as the different websites they visited and the different movies and downloads the child does on the computer. The social learning theory is a type of behaviour such as aggression and violence that is learned through observation and imitating people around them, their environment and the media. Bandura carried out an experiment, and found out that children imitated the behaviour and
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