Does Money Buy Happiness? Essay

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In life, we all (mostly) strive for well-being and happiness. To be happy usually means to be content with oneself. So, what exactly determines happiness? Does one specifically choose to be happy? Or do other factors come into play, whether they may be external or internal? No doubt, no chart exists that determines ones happiness. Despite this, there are indeed other factors that come about. Those factors may include but are not limited to: self-choices and luck, life expectations, and money. For the most part, however, it is expected that happy people do in fact choose to be happy even in life’s dullest moments. Money is required for just about everything: higher education, housing, transportation… the list is never-ending. The question “Does money buy happiness?” always arises when discussing the correlation between money and happiness. Therefore, it is no secret that money plays a vital role in life; many strive to make as much money to live as comfortable as possible. Even though money does play a crucial role – it is not a true indicator of happiness. For example, in the 1960’s, Japan was a rather deprived nation with little resources. Though, close to the 1990’s Japan acquired more wealth, and with that the average income for a Japanese person rose as well. Even though the average Japanese person had more wealth, studies show that happiness levels in the typical Japanese person were exceptionally similar when comparing the two time periods (Frank, R.H., 2005).
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