How Mod Affect Language

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How does Mood Affect Peoples Language Choices?

Mom: Why were you late last night?
Me: what do u mean why were you late last night? Mom, I am 19 years old. Please take a chill.
Mom: Excuse me? This is my house, which means my rules! So if I say your curfew is at 7, then you’re going to come home at 7. Understood?
Me: Understood. So as you can see, my morning hasn’t started well. Although my mother and I usually understand each other, we just get into it randomly sometimes. The whole day I’ve been walking around with an attitude. I didn’t want anyone to talking to me, or coming around me. Things got super awkward when one of my friends was joking about how we didn’t invite her to go to the movies with us. She was trying to play it cool, but
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