Does Natural Light Contains Electricity? If It Possible?

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Part A
1. Does natural light contains electricity? If so, how is it possible?
2. What is the difference between current and voltage?
3. Can current and voltage be interchanged?
4. Can you please explain electricity?
5. How is it possible to add more resistance to a circuit that has already been established?

Part B
Why earth’s Magnetic Shield Matters

Prompt #1: Did it surprise you to know how much our magnetic field protects us?
No, it did not surprise me as to how our magnetic field is protecting us from the sun. How do you think life on Earth would be affected if magnetic field weakened significantly?
Just like the planet Mars life would become non-existent due to the fact that without water. The plants and food source would dry up leaving the human race to die of starvation. Have you heard anything in scientific news recently about Earth 's magnetic field?
The only thing that Ii have heard about the magnetic field that surrounds the earth is in reference to the ozone level. I heard that through the pollution that we are causing in the air is damaging the ozone and this is something that cannot be replace. When it is gone it is gone similar to yesterday.
What would happen if Earth 's magnetic field flipped? Learning from the planet Mars if the Earth’s magnetic field was to flip we would end up just like the planet desolated. I think that it is possible that we would survive for some time but eventually the radiation would get the best of the earth as well as the

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