Does Nature Or Nurture Affecting Children's Behavior?

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In the last few weeks, my Honors English class has been studying a largely controversial argument; is behavior formed in a child because of their nature or the way they are nurtured. This is the nature vs. nurture controversy. In the nurture standpoint, psychology says that external factors and experience create particular aspects of behavior. Nature’s perspective on the case, however, is that behavior is influenced by genetic and other biological factors. Modern scientists now believe that there seems to be a mixture of the two ideas, and it is not so “all or nothing”. By combining the two ideas, could this possibly mean that the parents experiences could have an affect on a child’s behavior or help us predict it. From the evidence I’ve read in the informative articles, I believe it is possible. As I said before, modern scientist believe that factors of both nature and nurture have an affect on the child’s behavior. In my personal life, my parents past experiences have affected…show more content…
Both of my younger sisters are not perfectionists by any means, and they most likely never will. So why is it that they weren’t given that characteristic? We were all nurtured in the same in environment, so it would seem to make sense that we would be affected by the same experiences. It’s true that not everyone is the same, different genes, different makeup, so it could be that they weren’t given the “perfectionist gene”. This makes me think that basing a child’s behavior on their parents’ experiences is much too generic and unreliable. My parents’ hard work through school for the very best did not seem to affect my sisters as much, but my mother’s stubbornness with her parents seemed to make its way into their deck of cards and not mine and my brother. It could just be that “nature” is overpowering nurture, which would explain the very different
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