Does Nature Or Nurture Have A Bigger Impact On Intelligence?

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Owen Hill Ms. Behrand AP Seminar December 12, 2015 Does Nature or Nurture Have a Bigger Impact on Intelligence? Intelligence is used by everyone to help them in everyday life. Where people get their intelligence, however, is debatable. A person is born with an amount of inherited intelligence; this intelligence is considered nature, genetic, or heredity. Then there is intelligence that comes from the ability to learn from experience; this intelligence is impacted by nurture or the environment. It is known that both genetic and environmental factors determine intelligence, but the subject is controversial among professionals. Does nature or nurture have a bigger impact on intelligence? Is it true that some people are born with high intelligence, but are limited by their environment? Given the proper tools, can a person increase their intelligence? How accurate are IQ tests? There are many smart people in the world that do not know how smart they really are. The reason for this is they have not been given the tools in their environment to know their capabilitieswhat they are capable of. While genetics may place some limits on intelligence, there are “views that genius is not inborn, but that outward evidence that genius occurs via practice, persistence, and maybe a little luck ” (Phoenix 1). Studies have been conducted to help high achievers and gifted individuals to reach their full potential. There was a family of three children in the UK who were homeschooled. Their
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