Does Nature Or Nurture Make A Difference?

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Some people believe that nature and nurture are the same thing, but in fact they are actually completely different. While the behaviors that result from both may be similar, the reason and explanation behind these influences comes from a very different place. Nature versus nurture is an ongoing debate among individuals that study psychology. There are behaviors that are given through genetics and “nature” that make us unique, while nurturing from our environmental elements can make a difference in the quality of our performance. Nature is the inborn, innate character of an organism (Rathus 56). Your genetic code is your genotype which is your full genetic potential. Our genotypes give us our physical traits that set the stage for our behaviors.…show more content…
I have two sisters and we have all been given the same opportunities. People comment often on how different the three of us really are, even though there are only two years between each of us. My older sister is bold, dislikes school, but is very smart. Our middle sister has to work very hard for any academic success. The thing is, she does, though and has received very good grades in college. She is outgoing and doesn’t mind talking to people. I am the academic child of the three. You could say I was the one “born smart.” I work hard and am organized. I know what I need to do and am able to get things done efficiently and on time when I need to do so. However, because of our nurture, there are several things we have in common. Each of us is a good swimmer and love the beach because our family goes several times during the summer and we have a pool. It was something we always did and do. We all three love animals. Our family has had multiple dogs and cats as we grew up and both parents have instilled a love of animals in us. All three of us have been cheerleaders in high school. Our parents provided tumbling and gymnastics training. While we were only told that we had to participate in one extracurricular activity in high school, each of us chose to become a
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