Does Nicolo Polo Really Narrate This Story?

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INTRODUCTION Did Nicolo Polo really narrate this story to us? The answer to this exciting question is a big yes. Yes, it’s his very words that we read! He maintained his journal which gives us accounts of his life and the others around him. Oliver Bowden took as many facts as he could borrow from this journal to enhance our learning of that age of which little is known to us. I really want to tell the critics to keep quiet for a minute and accept a host of things. The characters are all that is known to us in facts; at least their names are. But, Nicolo did provide us with their stories. Just because they aren’t backed by evidence that Altair was the connection between all the lives present in the novel so mentioned, and that he was their cause of deaths or troubles doesn’t make me want to give up on faith from someone’s words. This book is as much a fact as could be and just as much a fiction. It depends on what you chose to believe in. There is no knowing however if the characters did play their real life as depicted. Oliver Bowden has just given his general assumption. The Apple of Eden it contains, one of the Pieces of Eden, receives mix responses. Some say that the Apple’s powers were fictional as displayed in the book. These Pieces of Eden may or may not possess the alleged powers. But, they all can’t deny that several Pieces of Eden have existed in history. The Ark of the Covenant is a supposed Piece of Eden but, is lost to history due to the constant relocation by

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