Does Nonviolence Work on a Large Scale?

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It has been debated though out history whether or not nonviolence “works”. Many societies, and this without question includes the United States, have mostly relied on violent tactics. Many people believe that violence is the only way to stop wars, even though it creates war, and people tend to believe that violence is the one solution to many global and political problems. However, recent literature and research is starting to prove otherwise. Erica Chenoweth, a political scientist, recently published a book, Why Civil Resistance Works in 2011. The research highlights data that shows throughout history, nonviolent tactics are more effective than violent ones in various ways. Chenoweth seeks to explain why “nonviolent resistance often…show more content…
Not only would the U.S. government be extremely displeased and angry with this but the nonviolent movement would likely not be able to gain enough members to support them. This is all because the sponsor would ruin the creditability of the movement. When the support or sponsor is seen as non-threating or have creditability that gives the nonviolent campaign more creditability and makes that movement more likely to succeed.5
Many would argue that violent campaigns are more successful because they provide immediate results. Examples of this would be things such as providing territorial gains, settling scores, gaining prestige. While these things many be gained immediately, they tend to be short lived, and the violent campaigns of which these things are gained tend to fail in the long run.6 When looking at the twenty five largest resistance campaigns between 1900-2006, of which twenty were nonviolent and five were violent, the nonviolent had more success. Most of the violent campaigns that failed were trying to gain something immediately and in the long run. One example of this would be when the Nazi occupation invaded Poland in 1944 and tried to completely take over the country.7 While they made some territorial gains in the beginning, the overall
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