Does Nuclear Power Negatively Affected The World

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Ever since the discovery of the nucleus of the atom in 1911, the world has been influenced

negatively by the atom (“May”). In every atom, in the center, in the nucleus, a certain number of

protons and neutrons make up the base, with electrons whizzing around it. If the nucleus of

certain atoms is split, a devastating explosion, incinerating everything within the vicinity, a blast

basically causing mass destruction will follow (“Nuclear Weapons Work”). Nuclear power, a

seemingly harmless way of making power, is another way nuclear energy is harming and has

harmed the world. It is expensive, hazardous, inconsistent, and bad for the environment (Buzz).

Two major disasters have occurred because of nuclear power plant malfunctions. The Chernobyl
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Cleanup of this dangerous, unusable fuel costs very much,

and seeing as the waste is extremely radioactive, storage and placement of the waste can be

dangerous (“Nuclear Waste”). The world has possibly turned a blind eye towards these issues, as

these problems (in most cases) will not affect the world immediately. Nuclear energy has

negatively affected the planet in three major ways: nuclear power, nuclear bombs, and nuclear

waste cleanup and disposal.

One way that nuclear energy has negatively affected the world is through nuclear bombs. From

the nucleus of the atom, research revealed that if the nucleus of certain elements is split, causing

a fission, a chain reaction occurs with other atoms, triggering a much larger, much more deadly

secondary fission (“Science”). This secondary fission is what makes an explosion, releasing

fission fragments from the chain reaction, and causing a massive release of energy (“Nuclear


Through the course of history, only two atom bombs have ever been used in action. Little Boy,

the bomb dropped over Hiroshima on the terrible morning of August 6, 1945 is one of those
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According to a New York Times article published on June 30th a year after the attack, 4.7 square

miles of Hiroshima were destroyed, and 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed or missing. About

70,000 were injured as well (“Figures”). This is a very good example of how nuclear bombs have

negatively affected the world, as the city of Hiroshima is still recovering nearly 80 years later.

Three days after Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima, Fat Man, (the name of the other atomic

bomb) was dropped over the city of Nagasaki, Japan. On an ordinary midsummer’s day, at about

10:02, Fat Man was dropped. The city was very unsuspecting, and only about seven minutes

after the bomb was dropped, the alarm sounded, so just 400 people made it safely into the bomb

shelters underground. In Nagasaki, hills border the city, so the destruction radius of the bomb

was not as bad as the bomb dropped in Hiroshima, but the results were still terrifying (“Effects”).

One and eight tenths of square miles were destroyed, 35,000 to 40,000 were killed or missing,

and another 40,000 were injured (“Figures”). Although the numbers in Hiroshima were a little
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