Does Oakley Always Drool This Much?

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“Does Oakley always drool this much?” I heard through the door. “Yes, especially if she just drank some water” I replied. Even so I went to go check expecting it would be normal drool my mom, who has only had smaller dogs, was unaccustomed to. When I entered the kitchen I could tell something was wrong with Oakley. My energetic two year old lab who normally jumps up and runs to me when I enter a room barely lifted her eyes and slightly wagged her tail as she laid by the back door. Her head was in a pool of drool, her gums were bright red, and she seemed unusually warm.
Oakley had ingested toxic mushrooms that were growing in the backyard. She stayed overnight at the vet to receive fluids and charcoal treatments and luckily I was able to bring her home the next day. Though her liver enzymes were slightly elevated when I came to pick her up I knew she was back to her old self when the vet tech bringing her out could hardly hold her back. I have never been more grateful for a person and their actions than I was of Dr. Hallows and his staff then when I loaded my best friend in the back of my car and drove her home.
When this happen I had recently moved back in with my parents after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and management from the University of Wyoming. I was researching different masters programs and jobs debating where I wanted to go and exactly what I wanted to do with my degree. I figured I would end up going back to school because I have…
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